Jeni Ayers, Artist and Entrepreneur

We are very excited to collaborate with artist Jeni Ayers on PARK’s custom bag painting program. Whether bespoke hand-painted initials, stripes or custom design requests like the portrait of a beloved pet, Jeni’s talent and PARK’s luxurious products are sure to impress.

Born and raised in South Florida, Jeni fell in love with art as a child. Always drawing, painting, and practicing calligraphy.  She studied art history in college, but put art as a career on hold while she channeled her energy into her family and other work experiences. However, she never abandoned her pens and paints or her desire to create.

About 5 years ago she began more intense training in the art of calligraphy. A renewed interest in all things hand-crafted and artisanal, presented the opportunity for her to make it her career.

Professional lettering and calligraphy led to painting requests in acrylic and watercolor. Now her skills encompass many different mediums.

Her true passion is working with and connecting with people - bringing their ideas to life. Painting and lettering, engraving, and calligraphy events are her favorite ways to interface with clients. They are able to experience art, rather than just viewing it.

She continues to reside in the Palm Beach area with her husband and three children.

Please email PARKACCESSORIES@OUTLOOK.COM for program details and quotes.