Erica Bogdanowitz, Model and Entrepreneur

Park Accessories is delighted to announce a partnership with our newest Brand Ambassador, Erica Bogdanowitz.

Erica Bogdanowitz is a mother, an athlete, a working model, and an executive in asset management and luxury real estate. Her busy, multifaceted schedule exposes her to the best of Charleston: fashion, food, boating, beaching, and fitness destinations. After growing up in Europe and living on both the east and west coasts, she fell in love with the Lowcountry’s charm and beauty over a decade ago, and made Charleston her home.

When Erica isn't hopping between meetings, she can be spotted at a photoshoot, at the gym, or sampling Charleston’s world famous shopping, dining, arts and culture, and natural resources. Mountains, coastal resorts, major cities, and quaint towns are within a stone’s throw of Charleston, and Erica always packs her fabulous Park bags for fun weekend getaways.

We caught up with Erica to learn more about her work, her active lifestyle, her favorite swanky Charleston locations, and how she incorporates her versatile Park Accessories into work, play, and travel.


Tell us about your fashion experience. When did you start modeling and where have we seen you?

Even as a little girl, I had a passion for modeling and fashion.My grandmother was a model and I always wanted to carry on her legacy.  I attended several modeling schools over the years.  Modeling has been a fun hobby that has allowed me to develop my personal sense of style into an elegant, sophisticated, and polished look! When I discovered the Park brand, its classy, chic lines appealed to and perfectly complemented my personal taste. I have predominately done freelance modeling for lifestyle shoots and bridal magazines. Because of modeling, I have been able to travel and meet some amazing people, like Park Accessories CEO John Wilson!

You’re also an executive, working in asset management and luxury properties. What drew you into the luxury real estate industry?

My real estate career started nearly twenty-five years ago in Southern California. I entered the industry by chance when an opportunity came my way, but I suppose life often leads you in the direction you’re meant to go. When you least expect something, BAM, there it is!  Real estate has been a natural fit for my personality and skill set, and I rose in the ranks as a leader in my field. 

What drew you to the Charleston lifestyle and area?

Charleston offers a stellar blend of beachy coastal and sophisticated urban vibes! I love the fact that I can enjoy a beach day with friends and then get dolled up and hit a fabulous restaurant downtown.

Describe a day in the life of a busy executive....

I am a very routine driven-person! In my opinion, schedules and routines lend themselves to productivity. Typically, my feet hit the ground around 6:15am, and I don’t stop until the sun goes down.  Coffee is the first order of business, followed by snuggles with my daughter and my beloved rescue dog Hunter. Next I squeeze in an early morning workout, and then my job starts calling. My days are consumed by board meetings, many emails and phone calls, and leading and mentoring a team under my direction at my firm. Each day brings new and unexpected challenges, but I am always ready to solve any problem or issue that comes my way! 

What are some of your favorite regional offerings? (Food wine destinations stays etc)

Oh, gosh!  That is tough! There are so many great local spots, and it is so hard to choose favorites.  You can find me and my pals at just about any rooftop bar, or cool hotel lobby bar. I especially love The Hotel Bennett, as it has both.