Dia Evtimova, Champion Tennis Player

We at Park are thrilled to partner with Dia Evtimova, champion tennis player who achieved the rank of WTA No. 145 in the world. We got the chance to speak with her about her career, her life, and her style.

Complete the sentence, "Because of tennis, I..."

...learned discipline, hard work ethics, resilience and patience, to convert losing into a learning experience, and most importantly, the feeling of having a dream and passion.

I also traveled to many different amazing places, meeting many people and experiencing different cultures.

What is on your tennis bucket list?

I am at a stage of my career where I want to feel fit and healthy and be able to compete at my best each tournament and enjoy that process. For this year, I am aiming to get back in top 200 and play the Grand Slams by the end of the season.

Describe a day in the life

A usual practice day out of completion will be either in FL or in Munich for me.
Wake up around 8, followed by breakfast routine, 30 min warm up exercise, 2 hours tennis practice 2-3 hours,rest/lunch, sometimes a second short tennis training for 1/1.30 hours followed by fitness for 1.30 hours.

What is your competition style and how does Park accentuates it?

I would describe my tennis style as elegant, sporty chic, and classy, and Park is the ultimate match and finish to it.
It accentuates all that in a very special way and I enjoy changes my bags depending on my different trainings (tennis practice bag, fitness gag, competition bag, lifestyle tote).

You have succeeded at a number of high profile competitions.
How do you prepare for a competition?

For me, each practice is a mini competition with myself to get better. That transfers to me being in a competitive mode when the tournament comes. There are no big breaks in tennis and you have to keep and maintain that competitive focus during the year. When the tournament approaches, and in particular before matches, I would say I spend more time by myself.

What are some lessons you have learned so far?

Tough question, as I have learned quite a few, but perhaps most significant is when you have passion for something that helps you compile all the necessary skills to reach your goals/accomplishments, not give up and enjoy the process, even when its not going your way.

How do you improve your game?

I believe when we are open minded and passionate about something we find the ways.
I am very very grateful to my Dad for installing that mindset in me as well to my Mom for always being there no matter what. I have worked with a wide variety of coaches and learned a lot and still keep learning :)

What are some words of advise you can give to other tennis players that want to succeed in tennis?

Never ever let your feelings of losing matches drag down your dream and passion.
It’s ok to be disappoint, angry, frustrated, as all those feeling show a player /athlete really cares and wants to success.
I think tennis and life are like riding a bike.
As Einstein says : ‘To keep your balance you must keep moving’.